When my daughter came home from preschool today she asked if she could watch "Special Agent Oso" on Netlfix. When we were scanning the episodes, I noticed (today of all days, sincerely) that all of them are Bond puns. There are 61 episodes. All Bond puns. They really committed. Some favorites:
  1. "Leaf Raker"
  2. "A View to a Kitten"
  3. "To Grandma with Love"
  4. "Recycling is Forever"
  5. "You Only Start Preschool Once"
  6. "Nobody Draws It Better"
  7. "Piggy Bank Royale"
  8. "Dr. Throw"
  9. "The Man with the Golden Retriever"
  10. "Cleanfingers"
  11. "The Living Holiday Lights"
  12. "The Sitter Who Watched Me"
  13. "Three Wheels Are Not Enough"
  14. "Never Say No Brushing Again"
  15. "License to Twirl"
  16. "Quantum of Sandwich"
  17. "Goldscooter"
  18. "Dye Another Egg"
  19. "Live and Leaf Rub"
    This is the seasonally relevant episode she watched.