Money's no object here/someone else is paying the bills, right? Sweet.
  1. Alpaca farmer/yarn spinner
    The thing I always say I'd do if I won the lottery. I'm a knitter 👵🏼
  2. Goat farmer/cheese maker
    See above. I ❤️ cheese 🐐🧀
  3. Custom picture framer
    My mom did framing when I was in college and if grad school hadn't worked out for me, I might have tried to go into business with her. It was pretty great to get prints framed at cost or as gifts when she worked at the shop. I think I'd really like helping customers choose mats and frames 🖼
  4. Upholsterer
    Another skill I'd love to have. I would be very tempted to re-cover my couch annually 🛋
  5. Donut shop owner
    If I lost my job, I have a friend I could probably talk into this business venture fairly easily. I have never made a donut in my life, but I'd be a very quick study 🍩
  6. Something creative with a team of people I really like
    I'm an ambivert. Some kinds of work I greatly prefer to do on my own, but I also really love the energy of collaboration. I could see myself doing pretty well in a writers' room 📝
  7. Nia instructor
    Feasible now as a part-time/after work possibility. Nia is dance/movement for better health and it is the only form of exercise I have found that makes me really happy while I'm doing it, so it's the only one I've stuck with. I haven't done instructor training (there's a "belt" system, starting with white belt), but maybe someday 💃🏻
  8. Potter
    I took a wheel throwing class my senior year in college and fell in love. I also did some throwing at he community rec center when I was writing my dissertation and needed a physical creative outlet. I still use some of the mugs and bowls I've made ⚱