1. This page from the 1972 edition of Childcraft: The How and Why Library
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  2. A nostalgic snowman sundae at The Walnut Room
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  3. This gilded bowl and tray set from CB2
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  4. A Mary Blair illustration for "It's A Small World"
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  5. Foxy Twins
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    By my 8 year old daughter
  6. Peggy
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  7. An antique wreath embellished with seeds, behind glass and in a frame
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  8. George's, the bar where my husband and I had our first date
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    Flocked wallpaper
  9. A window-full of glass
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  10. AAGE (Always Add Googly Eyes)
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    By my 4 year old daughter
  11. This rosemaled fridge door at the Vesterheim Norwegian American Museum in Decorah, IA
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  12. My kid looking like a Mini Wintour
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  13. Paris Metro tile
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  14. This mermaid tapestry in the Chateau museum in Saint-Malo, Brittany
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  15. These plants growing out of Chateau Gaillard, Richard the Lionheart's castle in Les Andelys, Normandy.
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  16. This hosta with gigantic, ribby leaves
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