Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. I was 10 and on vacation with my parents.
    We had driven my grandparents' RV from Chicago to Orlando and "camped" at Disney's Fort Wilderness. On our way back, we made a bunch of stops.
  2. One of our stops was Mammoth Cave in Kentucky.
    It was beautiful and pleasantly cool on a hot day.
  3. In the middle of a huge room in the cave, the tour guide told a story about a 19th century explorer with miserable luck and/or poor planning skills, whose torch burned out.
    Without any light in this labyrinthine cave, he had to click two rocks together in the darkness to prevent himself from losing his mind. I was reminded of this story when in Serial Season 2, Bowe Bergdahl talks about how being left alone in a dark room during his captivity made him question his very existence.
  4. Then, he said, "To give you some idea of what he experienced, I'm going to put out the lights for a moment."
    And he did.
  5. The huge space collapsed.
  6. I must have been holding my mom's hand, but I felt utterly alone.
  7. My eyelids retracted and my eyeballs bulged out in an effort to make sense of the complete darkness.
  8. It probably lasted 10 seconds but felt so much longer.
  9. And then he flipped on his flashlight and the cave was illuminated again.
    The relief was thrilling. It was physical and mental and emotional. I felt giddy.
  10. Probably not what you had in mind @ListPrompts , but that was my darkest moment.
    And I'll never forget it.