It just wouldn't have been the same if I was watching on the small screen. Inspired by @shanaz
  1. The Blair Witch Project
    Made me tense and jumpy af. I was the ultimate mark for the final scene. I screamed.
  2. Borat
    The wrestling scene. I screamed.
  3. Agnes Browne
    I had to look up the title, honestly, but this was the first movie I went to alone. I was recently single and felt so awkward, but it cracked the seal on an experience I now relish with no qualms.
  4. Saving Private Ryan
    It was my last summer living at home, right after I graduated from college. In the days before pre-ordering tickets online, my friend Jeff and I drove all over the Chicago suburbs on opening night looking for a screening that wasn't sold out. We saw a super late show way out in the boonies, but it was worth it.
  5. The Music Man
    Just me and my older daughter who loves musicals went to this matinee two summers ago. It was a hot day and the theatre was a great escape. I had a beer (local art house). She loved it. I loved it for the hundredth time (give or take). Perfect.
  6. Hearts in Atlantis
    The first time I saw a movie with my husband. Maybe our third date? I think we thought, "It has Anthony Hopkins in it. How bad can it be?" The best part was each of us hesitantly confessing that we thought it was awful on our way out of the theatre and feeling so relieved. Like, "You hated this, too! Great! This relationship can continue."
  7. The Lobster