Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. It was later than I wanted it to be.
    I was 17, a senior in high school.
  2. It was this time of year and so bitterly cold that school was canceled for a week.
    In Chicago. No blizzard. No ice storm. Just cold. This still seems a bit unreal to me because it had NEVER happened any other time. Because Chicago.
  3. And it was a pretty great week.
    We were undaunted. We went to matinees. We piled in the back of Kelly's van and played cards on the way to the Shedd Aquarium. The lake was fractured into plates of grey ice and we watched them undulate through the aquarium's giant windows.
  4. I went on my first date.
    With Chris. I sat in front of him in the AP European History class I took at the nearby boys' high school (I went to a Catholic girls' school) that year. Our friend groups overlapped and merged over the previous months. He and Jeff debated who would ask me out. Jeff was in my wedding and told that story in his rehearsal dinner toast. He is also my older daughter's godfather. Chris and I stopped talking when we broke up 10 months later.
  5. He took me to lunch.
    At a diner in Skokie that closed last year after decades of mediocre food and grumpy service. But it was a great place.
  6. And then he drove me home.
    We said our goodbyes in the foyer. I really wanted to kiss him. I really wanted him to kiss me. And then he did, but I ended it pretty quickly because I was so fucking nervous, and it turned into a hug. I had rehearsed cinematic first kiss scenarios in my mind thousands of times. It was nothing like that. But it felt like a start.
  7. The next kiss was better.
    But isn't that the nature of the very first time?