We know you've been waiting for this after months of will they/won't they. No spoilers.
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    Yesterday I accidentally texted @jaidub a link to show times at my local indie movie spot.
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    The friend I had originally sent that link to reminded me that she can't do anything after 7:30 on a weeknight.
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    I told Jessica...
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    It was fated. We synchronized watches...
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    It was Taco Tuesday at our house and J had some margaritas with dinner. Another parallel!
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    Here I go!
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    We checked in before the show started
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    And here's my beer
    Kundera Kölsch from Lion Bridge Brewing in Cedar Rapids
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    All of the trailers were great. Always a good sign.
    Dark Horse. The Other Side. Dheepan.
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    What I liked about The Lobster:
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    The basic premise
    A present-day-ish reality in which people who are not in love are sent to a hotel where they have 45 days to find a partner. If they do not, they must be turned into an animal of their choosing.
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    Pudgy Colin Farrell
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    Nervous laughter
    A character named Donkey Shooter appears in the closing credits.
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    The sets
    The bizarre hotel (the ballroom was my favorite) in its beautiful seaside setting. The lush forest with its diverse animal inhabitants. The washed out and generic city.
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    It reveals our tendencies to have extreme, misguided and ultimately damaging ideas about love and partnership
    The most absurd concepts often have a grounding in reality. That's what makes them compelling, right? My favorite example from this movie is the very specific way compatibility is determined and the lengths people will go to be considered a good match.
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    I give it a 👍🏽
    At this point in my life I am, admittedly, a fairly easy critic. I don't go to movies nearly as often as I did before I had kids and when I do, I'm fairly confident I will like what I see.
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    I also give my first date with Jaidub, across the miles and one time zone, a 👍🏽
    She's my lobster.