Inspired by @ListPrompts.
  1. @jaidub is my List App kindred.
    I know her not a whit IRL but I feel like there are parts of her life and likes that I understand really well and vice versa.
  2. It all started with this list and her excellent additions of turn of the 20th century/pioneer-y stuff from our shared late 70s/early 80s childhoods:
  3. And then she brought Sassy into the picture and that sealed the deal:
  4. On several occasions, I've read a List and gone to comment to find she had already beaten me there with the same comment.
  5. She won't take your sexist nonsense and I love that.
  6. The sunset on my commute this evening looks like the Pantone Colors of the Year, which she loves, so I took this pic:
  7. This List is also an informal Request for Lists about all of these stories:
  8. 🎶Thank you for being a List App friend🎶❤️