Inspired by @marceline 's list of beautiful stamps from her travels in Japan: MY SOUVENIR STAMPS FROM JAPAN .The National Parks (and Monuments, Historic Sites, Recreation Areas, etc.) stamps are not especially beautiful, but are a cool way to document your journeys across the US.
  1. My Passport book:
    You can purchase these at the Parks (or most anywhere you can get a stamp).
  2. My first stamp: El Yunque/Caribbean National Forest in Puerto Rico
    Spring break trip with friends. Have I ever frolicked in a waterfall? Why, yes, I have!
  3. Badlands NP
    Road trip with 3 friends. That night we went to a rodeo where I saw Mutton Busting for the first time and was both enchanted and horrified.
  4. Golden Gate National Recreation Area and Muir Woods National Monument
    With my mom, playing hooky from a conference in San Francisco
  5. Yosemite NP
    Honeymoon! The big splurge of that trip was staying at The Ahwahnee Lodge.
  6. .
    Mist Trail rainbow
  7. .
    At the top of Nevada Falls
  8. Grand Canyon NP and the Kolb Bros. Photo Studio
    My first glimpse of the canyon was from Shoshone Point (South Rim, no signpost, no railings) and we were there alone. It was literally breathtaking. Later that day we got stuck in a Flagstaff "snowstorm." Standstill traffic for 7 hours and I was 5 months pregnant. I can laugh about it now, but just barely.
  9. Bryce Canyon NP
    Family road trip. Food poisoning at high altitude is no fun at all. Sorry about the puking, French-speaking camping families! I rallied and hydrated like hell the next day and got to enjoy the fairytale hoodoos.
  10. Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore (Michigan)
    Pro tip: Don't try to climb the dune at noon in August. That sand is freaking hot!
  11. Rocky Mountain NP
    First NP camping with both girls!
  12. .
    Lily Lake with the girls
  13. .
    Enjoying a delicious campsite dinner
  14. Coming soon(ish)...
    Crater Lake NP (maybe this summer?), Yellowstone NP (sooner rather than later), Hawai'i Volcanoes NP (later rather than sooner)