For me and @jaidub to use when we go see costumes at The Met.
  1. Cotehardie
    87922c28 5c5a 4850 a89e 86e2e99b45c3
    (Autocorrected version: Vote harder)
  2. Caraco jacket
    D6a8e867 0245 4cda 9d10 ca4d0109d459
    (Autocorrected version: Crack jacket)
  3. Houppelande
    22ff35f6 8d82 4d53 a3cd 77d7c162edcf
    (Autocorrected version: Houseplant)
  4. Shapka
    9762c348 e3bd 4d97 bea9 2e80dff0ddda
    (Autocorrected version: Shaka)
  5. Pelerine
    A023b521 4fd1 41c5 80bb b75626d550da
    (Autocorrected version: Pele time)
  6. Spencer jacket
    121abbcf 98c7 4973 9bdc 982b3e7e434f
    (Autocorrected version: @13spencer )
  7. All images from this visual dictionary with which we are currently obsessed.
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  8. I should also mention that it arrived in this big blue bag from Sweden.
    9179c11f 9ad5 47e4 a61f 3e30a4a26071
    Like a belated present from Jultomten! (Idk, my husband ordered it.)
  9. My daughter also got this super cool book for Christmas
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    It's a veritable FIT up in here.