Sometimes one time is enough.
  1. Making bagels
    A friend and I decided this would be a good idea. We had a lovely time hanging out and working on this project together, but between making and resting the dough, boiling and baking the bagels, it took ALL DAY. They were pretty tasty, but I will probably never do this again.
  2. Trapeze lessons
    I bought a groupon for a 2 hour lesson. I actually haven't gone yet, but I'm 98% certain this is how I'll feel.
    Suggested by @meg1
  3. Skydiving
    Truly awesome experience, pretty much the stupidest thing you can do. Once was cool and probs enough.
    Suggested by @sally
  4. THE RIPCORD: Being hauled, alone, to the top of a 15-story launch tower, pulling my cord, and then plummeting/swooping to earth at speeds of up to 65 mph.
    That little dot is me. 😱
    Suggested by @alligeeshow
  5. Twelve-course prix fixe dinner at a three Michelin star restaurant
    Suggested by @sarahgorman
  6. Saw a friend get her nipples pierced
    Suggested by @sarahgorman
  7. Snorkeling
    I'm probably the only person ever who hated this.
    Suggested by @TVAddict