1. Seinfeld
    UNDER. What do you want me to do, risk irrevocable li.stracism?!?
  2. Nirvana's Nevermind
    UNDER. To say otherwise would be a deep betrayal of 15-year old me who watched the Smells Like Teen Spirit video in Anita's basement after everyone else had gone to sleep and dubbed her brother's CD onto a Memorex tape. Come As You Are. Breed.Lithium. In Bloom. On A Plain. SLTS. They all hold up for me.
  3. Sushi
    UNDER. I am on the sushi train. Elegant, tender nigiri. Trashy tempura shrimp rolls with that sweet sauce drizzled on top. Pickled ginger ALL DAY. I don't eat it often so it always feels like a treat.
  4. Shouting
  5. Cirque du Soleil
    OVER. It's the Las Vegas rich people circus. That, my friends, is no kind of circus.