My way of coping involves digesting lots of analysis. If you have suggestions for good listening, please make recommendations in the comments!
  1. Politically Re-Active with W. Kamau Bell and Hari Kondabolu—"Roxane Gay on Anger After the Election"
    Hari and Kamau address their third party votes and talk post-election emotions with Roxane Gay.
  2. FiveThirtyEight Elections—"President Trump"
    Nate and the gang talk polling errors and punditry. (I also listened to the post-election episode on their "model" and it was kind of interesting but prettttty wonky)
  3. On the Media—"Now What?"
    Thanks for the recommendation @angusisley. You're a fly on the wall for the hosts' candid conversation about which way forward with their post-election coverage of the media landscape and what "frame" will emerge.
  4. Code Switch—"A Muslim and a Mexican Walk Into A Bar..."
    Is a DJT presidency a last gasp of a fading white male constituency or are we deluding ourselves? Loved hearing guest Narin Farsad's discussion of the traveling stand-up tour through red state America she was part of, called The Muslims Are Coming.
  5. Reply All—#81, "In the Tall Grass"
    A pre-election story about Click Together, perhaps the world's simplest app, which helps folks (mostly Trump voters) find each other plus another story about the creator of the Pepe meme and his attempt to reclaim his beloved frog from white nationalists.
  6. This American Life—#599, "Seriously?"
    Fascinating and terrifying reporting on the dispensability of facts in this election cycle. I've really appreciated Zoe Chase's work on the GOP and conservative voters and pundits over the past year.
  7. Radiolab—"One Vote"
    An exploration of times when one vote really did (or actually didn't, upon closer investigation) make a difference. This episode was released before 11/8 and in light of the popular vote/electoral college split, left me feeling kind of sad, actually.