Yes, this is my second list that features gourds and pumpkins. Please understand that we are in the beautiful 3-week stretch between stifling summer heat and shockingly cold winter that is fall in the Midwest. I'm reveling in it as much as I can before the tears start freezing on my face. My top 6...
  1. Ol' Warty
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    Kind of a pity vote. Is it supposed to look like this or does it have some kind of pumpkin virus? Don't know, don't care.
  2. Artisanal
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    I think Strega Nona grew this pumpkin.
  3. Stripes and Speckles
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    On-trend pattern mixing. Fits nicely in my hand.
  4. Italian Restaurant Drippy Candle
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    Also maybe has pumpkin plague.
  5. Cannonball
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    The actual name of this variety. Also the name of my mid-90s jam.
  6. Fall-ic Symbol
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    See what I did there?