At my sister-in-law's house. We're staying here while she and her family are away for Thanksgiving.
  1. Where is the sugar? What is this? Turbinado sugar?
    No, it's whole wheat couscous.
  2. How do I turn on these lights?
    This switch is for those lights, that switch is for this one, but how do I turn on THESE lights?!
  3. Should I empty the dishwasher?
    That would be a nice thing to do, but it always makes me frazzled when someone does this at our house and puts gadgets or lids or whatever where they don't belong and you can't find them and then you can't grate cheese for a week or have to cover leftovers with plastic wrap because you can't find the lid.
  4. Is there cream cheese?
    I don't see any, but maybe I'm just not looking in the right place? Are you hiding in a sneaky place, cream cheese?
  5. Is there non-caffeinated tea?
    It's too late for caffeine. This is peppermint, but there's also green tea in it, so I guess it's caffeinated? Lots of black tea. How far am I willing to go here? I've already emptied out half of the cabinet.