1. My natural hair color
    All of the color got cut out when I went short. I'm embracing the grey. Here's a top of my head pic I just took that's kinda sorta accurate. Can we make top-of-your-head selfies a thing? Toppies?
  2. It really annoys me when people who get shoulder or even chin-length haircuts claim they "chopped it all off."
  3. Coobie bras
    Figuring out my body after bearing and breastfeeding two kids felt like a second puberty ("Is this what it's like now? Is this temporary or permanent?") I still don't really know my bra size. Enter Coobie. Comfy, one size fits all with no underwire and good coverage, at a good price. Great for everyday wear.
  4. I thought Grace Helbig and Greta Gerwig and were the same person.
    Actually I would just see Greta in my mind when someone would mention Grace.
  5. I probably change our sheets less frequently than I should.
    I want to be the person who remembers to put fresh linens on the bed every weekend, but I'm not.
  6. My husband bought me some lovely organic matcha powder for my birthday but I'm afraid to use it because I have never made anything with it before?!?
    This is dumb and I know it. Also, that's not my kitchen.
  7. I haven't watched a whole episode of Ken Burns' National Parks series without falling asleep.
    Maybe the parks were America's best idea, but do you know what wasn't the best idea? Two hour episodes, Ken!