Inspired in part by @bkwurm 's good list about raising kids with body positivity. These are our house rules around clothes for our kids (though they'd work for adults, too!). I've found that when they can make their own style decisions (e.g., a flower print goes with any other flower print) there's much less conflict around the practicalities.
  1. It has to fit.
    We are fortunate that we can keep our kids in clothes that do fit them. That said, this rule is useful when beloved clothes are outgrown. There's also flexibility here: too-short dresses make good tops, and my eight year old has an amazing "Traveling Pants"-like elastic-waist denim skirt that she has worn for 4 years (was ankle length, now knee length).
  2. It has to be appropriate for the weather.
    We live in the Midwest, so this is pretty important. There's always a little bit of tank top or sweater withdrawal when we're between seasons. Putting away kids' unseasonable clothes helps, of course, but this is one of those tasks I'm only thinking about when one of my kids wants to wear something that will make them too cold or too hot. A minute later, that thought happily drifts away like ✨🎈✨🎈✨
  3. Underwear every day.
    Yes, we had to make this a rule. Optional for adults. Go for yours. Rule 3a: Tights are not pants.
  4. Let them wear what makes them happy.
    This is a rule for me, not them. The first three rules were born out of pragmatism, but I hope letting my daughters make decisions about how they look at these ages (4 and 8 now) is good practice for later when they're beset by messages from all over the place about how they "should" look. I often wish I was better at emulating the free and joyful way they approach getting dressed 👚👢👗👔👖👒👠👘