1. I want some Halloween candy.
    It doesn't sound like you're asking.
  2. Can I please have some Halloween candy?
    Maybe after dinner, but not now, okay?
  3. Just a few pieces?
    Maybe after dinner, but not now.
  4. What about something small like this (mini Snickers)?
    Sweetie, I already said not now.
  5. It's just tiny!
  6. Can I pick out my candy for later?
  7. Four pieces.
    I think two pieces is enough.
  8. What about these two (fun sized Snickers and 3 Musketeers) and this one that's small (Jolly Rancher)?
    We'll see, okay? Just put them to the side.
  9. Wait, I'm going to dump out my candy just to make sure this is what I want.
    I'd rather you...(it's done)
  10. (She sits over the candy, sifts through it and talks quietly to herself not completely unlike Gollum)
  11. Okay, these are the ones I want (plain M&Ms packet, fun size Milky Way and Snickers)
    Didn't I say two pieces?
  12. Can I have just one of them now?
    What did I already say about that?
  13. Just something small. A tiny piece.
    N. O. Enough already! What about another kind of snack? Some crackers or a cheese stick or apple?
  14. What about gum?