I live in a college town.
  1. Not shirt-dresses...
    Those I've got figured out.
  2. But just a shirt with nothing on the bottom, so by default it's a dress.
  3. Is there a special kind of undergarment for this look?
    Like a boyshort or hot pants situation or something?
  4. Can you tell me what they're called and where you buy them?
    Foundation garments are important.
  5. Maybe coverage is not your biggest concern, though?
  6. When you sit down, there's really no shirt fabric under your butt, right?
  7. Are there places you won't sit when you're wearing a shirt as a dress, then?
    Sketchy front porch couches? The bus?
  8. Or maybe you've learned a special tuck-under-and-sit maneuver?
    Is that your secret, Ri Ri?
  9. Do you worry about how breezy it is when you've chosen to wear this look?
  10. Or is that part of the appeal?
    If so, go for yours. Incidentally, this t-shirt/dress costs more than my mortgage payment, but that's not the point here.
  11. How do you not just pull at the hem all day?
    Or casually check to see how much of your rear is exposed?