1. Li.st will need to be a moneymaker.
  2. We all know this deep in our hearts even if we don't want to admit it so much, right?
  3. Until this update, we as users (and those we follow) controlled what we saw.
  4. A "curated" feed is a bit out of our hands.
  5. The first big step toward monetization?
  6. I don't really know anything about apps-as-businesses, but this major change almost exactly a year since the "gamma" launch feels significant.
  7. I know that genuine and beautiful and important things happen through this app.
  8. But we have never controlled the platform and we never will.
  9. Things start to feel very natural and then an update hits and we're reminded us that nothing is inevitable about this space and we don't run the show.
    It's a weird feeling, I think.
  10. I'm sure the Founders and everyone who works for li.st is proud of the community they've helped create, but it's also their business.
  11. I hope we get to list without ads or sponsored content, or whatever will have to happen to make this app profitable, for a good while longer.
  12. In the meantime...
  13. Here are some gifs I like.
  14. ❤️