A good chunk of my evening was spent addressing.
  1. Hollywood Blvd.
    IN IOWA. Nice try.
  2. Pheasant Valley St.
    You're trying to trick me into writing "Pleasant Valley (Sunday)" instead, but I'm just not going to do it.
  3. Zane St. NW
    Don't act like you're all too cool for school, Zane St. NW 😎
  4. Muirwood Dr.
    Muir Woods is an amazing place. Muirwood is not a thing. Sorry.
  5. Valley Hi Dr.
    "Hi! That's not how you spell high."
  6. Flintshire View
    Synagogue Parking Lot View would be a lot more honest.
  7. Rural St.
    Okay, this one isn't trying hard enough.