A Draftsmas list (Thanks @aprilkquioh )! New(ish) music that reminds me of the music I listened to on the radio and loved as a kid.
  1. YACHT--"I Thought the Future Would Be Cooler"
    "I thought the brave world would be newer." Favorite new song:
  2. M83--"Midnight City"
    This song is a deleted nightclub scene from "Less Than Zero." Epic sax solo:
  3. Haim--Days Are Gone
    This whole album. Old but new. They are today's Wilson Phillips to me and I mean that as a big compliment. Plus all of the MJ vocalizations ("chk-uh-huh"). Love them. "Falling", especially:
  4. The Naked and Famous--"Young Blood"
    Getting ready to go out/sing into a hairbrush music:
  5. Blood Orange--"Not Good Enough"
    It's a Prince song, basically. The video is the clincher:
  6. La Roux--"Uptight Downtown"
    Perfect for Get In Shape, Girl-style working out or rollerskating: