1. Sampler
    A podcast about podcasts. I want to subscribe to everything Brittany Luse features on this show.
  2. S U R V I V E
    The folks who did the music for Stranger Things. Their music is the perfect fall ambient soundtrack.
  3. Knowing that George Saunders' first novel comes out in February
  4. Cass McCombs "Mangy Love"
    Mellllloooow. Honest to god, the first time I listened to this albums few weeks ago I thought "I wonder if @veshecco likes this guy?"
  5. These shimmery autumnal candles from Target
    $3 each at the Dollar Spot!
  6. Phantogram "Three"
    "You're Mine" is stuck in my head.
  7. Tea lattes
    Late to this party. Matcha? Yessss. London Fog? Yessss.
  8. These Roots sweatpants
    Literally in(to) them nightly. My splurgy souvenir from our summer vacation. This might be me making up for never having Roots gear in junior high when the stores were new to Chicago and their stuff was very popular among the cool, sporty girls. They are comfy af and I love them.
  9. Heavyweight
    A brand new podcast from Gimlet (like Sampler). Jonathan Goldstein tells stories about peoples' real, messy lives. The first story (also broadcast on This American Life), about his own father and uncle, got me hooked. The second episode, Tara, was intense and gripping.