All long gone, and that's okay. As a parent, stuffed animals are my low-key nemeses. They might actually reproduce when I'm not looking. There's still a soft spot in my heart for these four, though.
  1. Hubert the Harris Bank Lion
    Free with my first bank account? He had a pair of plastic glasses stitched to the bridge of his nose, which I loved.
  2. Big orange lion
    Nameless and shaggy. He lay flat and was big enough to sit on. I'd thwap his tail on the floor. His big, domed plastic eyes were bright green and beautiful. I can remember running my fingers over their contours.
  3. Hello Kitty
    Classic. Big head, tiny body. I bought her with birthday money at Marshall Field's when I was maybe too old to be buying a stuffed animal with birthday money.
  4. Chubby Chevy
    A brown and beige bear who was too big for me to carry when my dad won him for me at the St. Stanislaus carnival when I was a preschooler. He's he only one I remember giving a name to (besides Cabbage Patch Kids, all of whom I renamed), so he has to be #1. He was chubby. Chevy Chase? Chevrolet? I don't remember, but it seemed the perfect choice.