My Secret Santa gift never arrived, but Elusive Elf stepped in to save! Which is really when we need spirit-lifting gifts, anyway. Especially this week of all weeks! But I digress. Let's get to the unboxing!
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    Yellow crayon monkey and a mini figure looked on as I opened the box. "Will we ever know who the Elusive Elf is?" they mused. "Be patient, my small friends," I counseled.
    Of course I didn't, but the happy buzz from getting an unexpected present hasn't worn off yet, so let me be a little silly, okay?
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    Additional confirmation that it's for me!
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    Clue #1: (unless you're a return address-looking cheater):
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    Clue #2:
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    These colors and patterns are 💯🙌🏼❤
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    Gift tag that references this goofy list I made last winter: MY CHILDHOOD FRIEND LAURA'S ALTERNATE LYRICS TO "ELECTRIC AVENUE"
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    And what was inside...
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    This photo is off center and blurry because I was still laughing...
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    I worked at Barnes & Noble right around the time 'Scuse Me While I Kiss This Guy, the book of misheard song lyrics, was published.
    I read it cover to cover but a few pages at a time when I'd walk by the table where it was on display. We still tease my high school friend Kelly for thinking that the opening line of Brown Eyed Girl was "Hey, Rodrigo, days when the rains came." Long story short, I really love these coasters ❤
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    Badass socks!!!
    I will wear these to the Women's March on Chicago this weekend (even if I have to wear them over a pair of wool socks!) 💕💞💕
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    Clue #3: Lovely and informative Texas postcards with an Austin emphasis (and magnet that will find a home on my file cabinet at work)
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    Yarn and a knitting pattern for fingerless mitts!
    EE knows I'm a knitter 💖 I have never done color work like this but receiving this awesome gift makes me want to try, dammit!
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    Clue #4: Austin, Texas-brewed beer!!!
    I thought I heard a gentle sloshing when I picked up the box! These were in those Texas Tough baggies—smart! EE included a perfect range of styles. Super excited to try these 🍻
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    Have you guessed Elusive Elf's identity yet, dear lister? My super powers of deduction...and the return address (sue me!) tell me that it is none other than's own Lone Star Lady, March Madness Maven and Kupcake Kween, @kcupcaker!
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    Katie, thank you so much for making my day, cheering up my inauguration (I just threw up in my mouth a little) week, and brightening this grey and chilly January.
    Your timing is impeccable and the gifts you sent are nothing short of amazing (I'm still laughing about the coasters!). ❤️❤️❤️ to you, Elusive Elf!
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    And, of course, many thanks to Emma @DawnCloud for being our gifting goddess this year ❤️💚❤️