I watched the finale today. Spoilers. Get at me, Garvey lovers...
  1. Evie: Did we get any clues this was how it was going to play out in the first episodes of the season? I got chills when she turned off the radio and pulled out the notepad.
  2. Tommy: Always pulling a double agent thing with Meg? Or did her "family is everything" whisper flip a switch?
  3. Erika: New GR convert? Powerful stuff on the bridge. I love any scene that features Regina King running.
  4. Kevin and John: Besties ❤️
  5. Kinda glad we got to revisit the whole sliding out of the bathtub in the Death Hotel thing.
    Just saying.
  6. I miss Patty. Especially the way she said "Kevin."
  7. Nora: What was the point of the "That's not your baby" lady? Showing us she's not ambivalent about mothering this child? I love any scene when she loses her shit and curses somebody out.
  8. I really liked the parallel imagery of Erica's bird in the box and Evie's bug in the box.
    Pointing us to "You Understand" on the notepad?
  9. Matt and Mary: I really don't care very much 😕
  10. Really kinda ambivalent about the last scene/Garvey reunion. Obviously, shit is still bananas, but it felt too emotionally tidy. It made me happy, but I also wanted something to catch me off guard right at the end.
  11. Season 3 (the last one, I think?) predictions? Will John and Kevin be a GR ass kicking duo? Will the action stay in Jarden?