When tragedies happen, it's a human tendency to empathize through connections that are meaningful to us. I think this is a way we tap into our shared humanity and draw on experiences that are close to us to be closer to those who are far away and in circumstances that may be very different than our own. This morning I'm thinking about...
  1. A friend and colleague
    She is French. Her parents emigrated from Morocco and while she is not religious, her family is Muslim. I messaged her when I heard the news last night. She wrote: "I was just with Adam [a mutual friend] and he mentioned the events and I sadly said: please don't let it be another Muslim psycho. I guess it is once more. I cannot understand the people who commit such acts but I can understand the geopolitical implications of such horrors. Sorry to be so emotional, but this is so real to me."
  2. The ListAppers I know are in Paris
  3. A friend I dance with at Nia
    She has family in and around Paris and wasn't sure until this morning that they were all safe and accounted for. I cannot imagine the agony of that uncertainty.
  4. September 11, 2001
    My roommate was eating breakfast in front of Today and I started watching over her shoulder while getting ready for class. The first plane had hit and it still seemed possible that it was an accident. Then the 2nd tower was hit as we were watching and it was like falling through a trap door. Like it was yesterday, I remember the awful feeling of wondering if it was over, or if there would be more attacks (When? Where?) and just how many people had lost their lives, or would, in the aftermath.
  5. Our trip to Paris
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    My husband and I were there six weeks ago. We scheduled the trip to coincide with our 10th anniversary. When the Charlie Hebdo attack happened, he wondered if we should change our plans. I said absolutely not. Now that feels like hubris. Terrorists want to spread fear, and we are supposed to resist and not be afraid, but the stakes are so damn high. We went, and it was wonderful. The horrible things that happened to the people of this amazing city leave me heartsick.
  6. My heart goes out to France, and especially to Parisians. Vive la France 🇫🇷❤️