Books that cracked open my heart and/or my brain, in the order in which I read them. Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. To Kill A Mockingbird--Harper Lee
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    The first book I stayed up to read under the covers by the glow of my Itty Bitty Book Light in junior high.
  2. Ways of Seeing--John Berger
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    First year required reading that opened big, important doors for me.
  3. Things Fall Apart--Chinua Achebe
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    A tragic hero in a tragic time. A classic novel of African colonization. I read it first as an undergrad and now I teach it.
  4. Sophie's World--Jostein Gaarder
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    More than the philosophers I was reading in classes, the book that made me want to be a philosophy major (I doubled).
  5. Anne Sexton: The Complete Poems
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    "This story ends with me still rowing"
  6. Contested Lives--Faye Ginsburg
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    Excellent feminist ethnography of pro-choice and anti-abortion activists in Fargo, ND. Theoretically rich, methodologically exacting, skillfully and accessibly written.
  7. Love for Sale: The Words and Pictures of Barbara Kruger (text by Kate Linker)
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    Brilliant. Her art makes me want to shout, "Yes, that's it exactly!"
  8. Cherry--Mary Karr
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    My gateway Karr. If only we could all write so beautifully and thoughtfully about our lives.
  9. Housekeeping--Marilynne Robinson
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    I fell in love with the feeling of this novel. The train scene is one of the most evocative I have ever read.
  10. The History of Love--Nicole Krauss
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    Two characters and plots make their way toward each other and intertwine. Lovingly crafted without feeling overworked. A stunner.