I had a long day at work and got a headache in the middle of a 4-hour stretch of teaching with no ibuprofen access. No pills in my bag. No co-workers or carpool buddies with pills. I came home, popped some sweet relief, and crawled into bed.
  1. My little lovely girls telling me about decorating the Christmas tree at grandma and grandpa's house this afternoon.
    Big's favorite ornament = brass trumpet and French horn tied together with plaid ribbon. Little's favorite = motorized and lighted Hallmark holiday parade with floats that go around and around.
  2. Listening to my husband make up sub-plots about tooting and things being creepy as he reads "The Sweet Smell of Christmas" and "Raggedy Ann and Andy Help Santa Claus" to the girls at bedtime.
    He's doing voices, too, and they're laughing their heads off.
  3. Remembering that I can take a break to take care of myself and not do all the things and everything will be okay.
    This can be so hard, y'all.
  4. Flannel sheets
    Cozy AF
  5. Overhearing littler girl whisper herself to sleep.
    Our rooms are next door to each other, but I usually go downstairs after they're tucked in and can't hear this.
  6. Reading Lists ❤️