My feelings have been right on the surface for the past few days and movies always bring out the tearful emotions, anyway. To wit, I fought back tears of pride/excitement/happiness during the performance scenes in Bring It On. Bring heartstrings-pulling kids movies into the mix? Pass me a tissue...
  1. The Good Dinosaur trailer
    When the dino and the boy/dog understand that they are each other's family. Big feelings.
  2. The Kung Fu Panda 3 trailer
    Seriously? Yes. When the tiger tells Po he has to teach the pandas to fight so they can defend the hidden panda village.
  3. Nothing in The Peanuts Movie
    Until the start of the credits where they showed the gang as a black and white comic drawing and you see Charles Schulz's signature appear in the corner. All choked up!
  4. When we left the theatre.
    It was super bright! 😎