Finally starting the second season! I don't think these are spoilers. Maybe very minor spoilers?
  1. When I'm feeling sorry for myself, I should think of the cave lady.
  2. Is that Eddie Winslow?!
    Yes! Darius McCrary! TGIF!
  3. Is that Cousin Larry?!
    Yes! Mark-Linn Baker! TGIF again!
  4. Regina King looks amazing.
    She is a beautiful, glowing woman in her 40s...Wait, was 227 also part of the TGIF lineup?!!...No, it was not. That would have been too crazy.
  5. I love the ramped up Lindelof, Lost-ish details.
    The bird in the box, the restaurant goat slaughter, natural disasters that are probably supernatural, etc.
  6. Deeply spooky vibes.
    When John contemplates reaching for the spoon, the "Fire Department", the tense church scene, the final scene (Evie!)...
  7. They've got me. Really excited to see where this goes ‼️😬