Just realized that AppleMusic automatically compiles this playlist.
  1. Happy—Mitski
    On repeat a lot lately.
  2. United States of Whatever—Liam Lynch
    When this comes on, the girls make me play it a bunch of times. I love it, too.
  3. Elastic Heart—Sia
    Lots of belting it out in the car.
  4. Fade Away—Susanne Sundfør
  5. Good Mistake—Mr Little Jeans
    Lots of dancing in the kitchen.
  6. Stand Back—Stevie Nicks
    I identified this as my baseball walk up song on someone's list once.
  7. Once A Day—Michael Franti & Spearhead
    We dance to this at Nia and it makes me joyful.
  8. Prey—The Neighbourhood
  9. You're Not the One—Sky Ferreira
    More car belting.
  10. Dirty Work—Steely Dan
    When your favorite song by a band sounds very little like the rest of their music.
  11. We Can Work It Out—Stevie Wonder
    My vote for best cover of all time.
  12. The Less I Know the Better—Tame Impala
  13. Let's Stay Together—Al Green
  14. No One's Gonna Love You—Band of Horses
  15. The Funeral—Band of Horses
  16. Hey Bulldog—The Beatles
    Not my favorite Beatles song, but probably Top 5. By default because it's on this list?
  17. I Can Hardly Make You Mine—Cults
  18. Ashes to Ashes—David Bowie
    One flash of light, but no smoking pistol.
  19. My Sweet Lord—George Harrison
    Surprised it's not "What Is Life?"
  20. Drive-In Movies—Ray LaMontagne
  21. Under My Thumb—Rolling Stones
    Misogynistic. Still a jam? Ugh.
  22. The Negotiation Limerick File—Beastie Boys
  23. Lovely Rita—The Beatles
    Probably my favorite Beatles song.
  24. Cry Baby—The Neighbourhood
  25. Driven to Tears—The Police
    Too many cameras and not enough food.