And by not very long, I mean around a year, which in Twentysomething Friendship-Dominated Primetime® is about 2 weeks.
  1. Maybe they'll make the accommodations, which will be a renovated log cabin that is kind of cool and pioneer-y but also has surfaces that are impossible to really clean, a door that doesn't lock, smoke detector plates where actual smoke detectors should be, and a huge spider in the tub.
  2. Maybe you'll have just listened to the Tanis podcast somewhat obsessively for the past two weeks and the cabin will make you think of Baba Yaga's hut and you will not sleep well at all.
  3. Maybe their daughter will insist on bringing her American Girl doll to restaurants and also insist that the doll get a booster seat or high chair.
  4. Maybe you will realize beyond a shadow of a doubt that you have a very different parenting style than your friends.
  5. Maybe they will want to tour a historical home that charges a steep admission price and when you surreptitiously look it up on Trip Advisor you find that it gets bad reviews for being overcrowded with the owners' tacky and random collections and you have to figure out how to let them know that you don't really want to do this thing.
  6. Maybe you will have different ideas about when you will part ways and head for home, but just maybe because when you haven't known each other very long it's hard to know what anyone is really thinking or feeling when everyone wants to be cool, no big deal, easygoing about everything, but there's still a hint of tension under the smooth surface.
  7. Maybe everyone will say "Thanks for a super fun weekend! Let's do it again some time!" and maybe only kind of mean it.