1. Guy On A Buffalo Footage from the 1978 movie Buffalo Rider (no shit he rides a buffalo) set to music. We really love this.
  2. Original Matt Foley, Motivational Speaker "Hey dad, I can't see real good. Is that Bill Shakespeare over there?!"
  3. Parry Gripp A little goes a long way with these songs, but 20 Kinds of Dipping Sauce or It's Raining Tacos are great in moderation.
  4. Sue: Birthday Party Surprise "Oh my god, I forgot about her face. That's the best part!"
  5. Ray McCooney sketches on Little Britain "Maybe I am and maybe I'm not!"
  6. Mr. Guts You mean you haven't seen the videos featuring sandwich chain Erbert & Gerbert's bread mascot?
  7. BBC Talking Animals "Alan. Alan. Alan. Alan." Classic.
  8. Vitameatavegamin
  9. Buddy Lee Man of Action Possibly the 90s pop culture I'm most nostalgic for? "Wait, that's not my car...that's my car!"
  10. Marcel the Shell with Shoes On h/t @amieshmamie "Guess what I do for adventure...Hang glide on a Dorito."
  11. Fractured Fairy Tales "Kooky?! I wish I had a kooky!"