Some Google-able, some not.
  1. "Post-feminist"?
    People don't seem to say this anymore? Maybe they just don't say it around me because they know how I'd respond?
  2. The School of the Americas?
    In the 90s I pretended to know a lot more about it than I actually did. Does it still exist?
  3. Suchin Pak? Tabitha Soren? Serena Altschul? Ananda?
    My favorite MTV women of the '90s/early 2000s. Kicking ass in different fora?
  4. Sifl & Ollie?
    Or its creators, I guess. My favorite absurd MTV puppet show.
  5. My childhood friends with too-common names I haven't been able to locate online or through social media?
  6. The lovely Banana Republic top I wore to our wedding rehearsal that seemed to disappear from my closet soon after?
  7. My Neko Case "Canadian Amp" CD?
    College boyfriend breakup casualty? 🕵🏼