Inspired by @daci
  1. Alarm clock with Humane Waking System
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    Liar. Has never opted to hold off the beeping because I could really use 20 more minutes of sleep.
  2. Books I read and loved
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    A Visit From the Goon Squad (Egan), Dress Your Family in Corduroy & Denim (Sedaris), Tailings (Schwehn--a memoir by my friend!), Fugitive Pieces (Michaels)
  3. Books I read and liked
    Ten Thousand Saints (Henderson), The Round House (Erdrich), Man Without a Country (Vonnegut)
  4. Books I started but didn't finish
    The Invisible Bridge (Orringer--was really enjoying it but then took a break 😩), Snow (Pamuk 😕), A Short History of Women (Walbert 🙁), The Power and the Glory (Greene 😐)
  5. Fun books to flip through
    Mad Men: The Illustrated World (Dyna Moe), The American Girls Handy Book (Beard & Beard)
  6. A book I might read
    Say You're One of Them (Akpan)
  7. A book I probably won't read
    2666 (Bolano--sooooo long 😞)
  8. Next up on my reading list!:
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    On top of a stack of magazines (Bon Appetit, Cooking Light, ooooold NYT Mags) and another book I probably won't finish ever--Little, Big (Crowley)
  9. Good night! 🌝🌖🌗🌘🌚🌒🌓🌔😴