1. Well, would you?
    You're not the only one who gets to ask questions, you know.
  2. Can you please look at me when I'm talking to you?
  3. I bet you WOULD, you sly dog!
  4. Hey, don't try to distract me with Muppets!
    Just answer the question.
  5. What do you mean, "What question?"
  6. Kenneth, what's the frequency?
    Wait, wait, that's not the question! Sorry.
  7. What?!? Are you in a time machine now, or...?
    I like those sideburns and that headset, by the way.
  8. Hey, stop that!
  9. I said stop it!
    Aww, you were a really cute kid, Rather!
  10. You're back!
    Okay, now returning to my question...
  11. Nobody says "Talk to the hand" anymore, Dan.
    Yes, I know you're 84. I'll try to cut you some slack.
  12. Yes, I'm sure it's an important call. I'll wait...
    🎶Hmmmm...hmmm...you wore a shirt of vi-o-lent green...uh huh....(guitar sounds)...🎶
  13. Are you okay?
    Do you have a headache?
  14. Just sleepy, maybe?
    Hmmm...okay. Just go get some rest and I'll ask another time.
  15. Actually, I think you're just trying to get rid of me so you don't have to answer the question.
  16. I KNEW IT!
    It's alright. I still like you, Rather.