Which words mark you, even in your region/corner of the world?
  1. Bag ("baaaag") and Mom ("maaaahm")
    Chicago (My dad and the dads of many childhood friends could readily pass as Superfans)
  2. When someone says "seven eleven" as "SAhvahhn elAHVAhn"
    Suggested by @gus7464
  3. Using "wicked" = Boston area
    Suggested by @ErinFlaherty
  4. Any time I use a "hard" A (grass, bath etc) rather than a soft A
    It's a North vs South thing in England
    Suggested by @alexim
  5. Coke. And I mean any variety of soft drink.
    Suggested by @rulesofjinx
  6. Pop here too. Also apparently the way I pronounce "Chicago" tells people I'm from here ... Who knew?
    Suggested by @loriatx
  7. I say "waiting on line" instead of "waiting in line"
    Apparently this is an exclusively New York thing but extends from upstate through Long Island and I don't understand how that geographically happened
    Suggested by @allysonarno
  8. Pop
    Suggested by @gwcoffey
  9. "Yes ma'am"
    Went to the Northeast and got REAMED for saying this to a middle-aged professor. Sorry for having manners, ya damn Yankees!
    Suggested by @bware427
  10. Long O. All Marylanders, but especially Baltimorons will know what I'm talking about. Also: Sundy, Mondy, Tuesdy, etc.
    Suggested by @magebloom
  11. Tawk instead of talk. NYC.
    Suggested by @kiraandlulu
  12. Boat, coat, anything with a long O. Also I say r-uh-mm instead of roooooom.
    Suggested by @evak
  13. Moun'in,
    We take out needless t's in Utah.
    Suggested by @afrand3
  14. Out and about
    Or apparently "oot" and "aboot" because I am living the Canadian stereotype. Also "sorry," which does not sound like "sarry" which is how everyone else around here says it.
    Suggested by @shay
  15. Theatre (the ate r). Guitar (git-ar).
    Southeast Texas 🇺🇸
    Suggested by @hannahdotbyrd
  16. Strawwl......for straw....Texas
    Suggested by @dirvish1