1. "Well, I basically invented the discipline of epidemiology and ushered in modern Public Health by figuring out that contaminated water was causing London's cholera outbreaks in 1854. When I convinced officials to remove the Broad Street pump handle, there were no new cases. Voila!"
  2. "It would be years before Robert Koch discovered the bacterium that's responsible for cholera, but my ideas and approach were kind of ground-breaking."
  3. Ummm...alright.
  4. Oh, wait...
  5. You're J-O-H-N Snow. Not J-O-N Snow!
  6. Sorry. My mistake with the spelling and everything.
  7. "It's okay."
  8. Thanks for being so cool about this, John Snow. I'm sorry I yelled at you. And thanks for your good work with the cholera stuff.