Weeds. I'm not proud.
  1. Here's an Instagram of my shady backyard flower bed in May, with clematis, columbine and lamium in bloom.
  2. And here it is today with many hot summer weeks of neglect.
  3. Weedy trip hazard. Sorry, kids.
  4. Catmint and ornamental grasses, you are the devil.
  5. Keep on keepin' on, marigolds! You can do it!
  6. Sorry there's a tree growing in the middle of you, barberry bush.
  7. Ugh. Nature wins.
  8. My front step planters, inspired by this list ( IT'S OKAY IF YOU DON'T LIKE FLOWERS ) from @alligeeshow still look cute, though 💅🏼
  9. This list is brought to you by leisure reading, library and pool trips, out of town travel, and just not caring that much to be honest.