The inevitable process of dealing with Composition I students.
  1. Bring up instructions on e-learning platform. Tell students where it can be found.
  2. Provide basic overview. End up going over assignment step-by-step.
  3. State due date clearly.
  4. Repeat due date two seconds later when student asks when the assignment is due.
  5. Tell students again where to find the assignment, when asked.
  6. Repeat assignment directions when students admit they weren't paying attention.
  7. Wait for assignments to be turned in.
    (During this time, provide outline templates, checklists, and even review a few papers if asked. Anything to ensure student learning and success ... and make grading easier for yourself.)
  8. Organize assignments so you know you get a couple of good students' assignments easily spread out throughout the rest to keep your spirits up.
  9. Start grading.
  10. Rejoice as it seems they really did pay attention and all will be good.
  11. Accept a few late assignments because students took the time to think of creative excuses as to why they couldn't turn in the work on time.
  12. Start banging head against desk when you realize they didn't listen to a thing you said.
  13. Wonder if there are ways to teach a Composition class without actually having to grade papers.