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  1. School is Hell
    Cartoons! Amazing! Fuck school
  2. Belushi
    Sad and I wanted more
I'm a little stoney right now here are some of the things my high ass is grateful for
  1. Getting to wear socks
    I love wearing socks, bare feet is too much exposure, slippers you feel stifled. socks? Just right
  2. Also getting to take your socks off in bed once you're all toasty and your feet can handle the freedom
  3. That dolphins seem to be having a good time
    I'm glad that that they get to glide through the ocean and have a laugh and have sex for pleasure. Good for them
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  1. trash
    "This sandwich is trash" in reference to a bad sandwich I bought and was disappointed about
  2. That's it all other slang sounds stupid to me
  1. Most hungover I've ever been trying to FaceTime my friends to see if they are in similar pain
  2. Don't remember
  3. Snapchat photo of me as strawberry! When will my sex appeal take a break
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  1. Coffee
    Made at home - little bit of half and half and a packet of sweetener
  2. Chicken Caesar wrap
  3. A gluten free chocolate muffin
    I'm not gluten free I just like this kind of muffin
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  1. Watch David Blaine's magic special
  2. Go to Bridget Jones baby
    Theaters by me have reclining seats
  3. Suck on helium and leave voicemails for friends
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  1. @bjnovak "stuff I'm into this week" lists
  2. Cash Machine by D.R.A.M
    I haven't been wanting to party recently but this song makes me want to smoke blunts and throw cash in the air
  3. Spooky October things
    I freaking LOVE to be spooked. Just booked a haunted house and going to the store soon to get skeleton themed things and my roommate is gonna shake her head
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Never had a boyfriend
  1. Bad boy
    How have I NOT been picked up by a bad boy on his motorcycle yet? Total bullshit!
  2. Boo Radley type
    Lurker, but not a bad guy! Will stay in with me and watch TV with me
  3. Ex con who was WRONGLY accused
    I'm into this
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Inspired by @kate81
  1. "Dope"
    I wasn't listening to whatever you just told me
  2. "Totally"
    I'm even more uninterested in the story you're currently telling me
  3. "How long do we have to stay here"
    Get me away from here
  4. "What's with the negativity man"
    Me, to myself