1. Coach Taylor
  2. Saracen
    Oooooh! Controversial choice I know! You guys (my two followers) thought it'd be Riggins, no? Listen, Saracen likes art and his grandma, lets me pragmatic about this. He can also throw football around with the kids and you wouldn't have to worry about every woman wanting him always.
  3. Riggins
  4. Vince
    Cute and tender, plus coach like changed his life!? He could always set the kids straight if they are misbehaving
  5. Smash
    Just to get to hang with his mom love that woman
  6. Billy Riggins
    Am I the only one?!?
  7. Lance/Landry
    Was always a little bored by him. Didn't believe Tara relationship/murder?!?!