I'm a little stoney right now here are some of the things my high ass is grateful for
  1. Getting to wear socks
    I love wearing socks, bare feet is too much exposure, slippers you feel stifled. socks? Just right
  2. Also getting to take your socks off in bed once you're all toasty and your feet can handle the freedom
  3. That dolphins seem to be having a good time
    I'm glad that that they get to glide through the ocean and have a laugh and have sex for pleasure. Good for them
  4. Frank Oceans "Blonde"
    Especially White Ferrari and Self Control
  5. The fact that it's raining outside and I'm inside about to watch Sex and The City
    The fact that Carrie left Aiden for Big honestly ASTOUNDS ME
  6. I'm alive and a human being who gets to be on the world for a slice of time
  7. Blessings, blessings, blessings
  8. I'm not religious but I just like when Kanye tweeted "blessings blessings blessings" a lot
  9. The show Atlanta
    I like that sidekick guy he's so fucking funny
  10. No one reads my list they're just me
    Is anybody out there
  11. The beginning of Walking Dead is crazy. Could you imagine waking up to a literal zombie apocalypse ?!
    Poor Rick grimes
  12. CAR-ULL
  13. These are just thoughts now I've abandoned the lists' premise
  14. I'm grateful that sea lions get to lie out in the sun at Fishermans wharf
  15. Just kidding I'm jealous of them I want to lay about, fuckin belly out
  16. I'm grateful for Ace Ventura