Guilty pleasures

  1. Barbies
    I know I am old and understand the feminist movement. The ideal body type and embracing who you are but why can't I look fabulous while embracing?
  2. Bubble tea
    Eating and drinking at the same time! Are you kidding? The minute my son turned me on to bubble tea I was hooked.
  3. Homeland
    Crazy and Espionage? Sign me up!
  4. The Beach
    Goes without saying. Who doesn't like the beach? I never go in more than ankle deep. Hello? I watch Shark week! I swim in chlorine. I love wet sand and waves.
  5. My antique roses
    The smell is so intense they perfume my entire backyard and covers the sweaty labradoodle smell in the living room.
  6. YA literature. Super guilty pleasure.
    Stop writing about sparkle vampires, post apocalyptic life school age magic! My work is frustrating. Reference IT