In our family we have sick movies. The movies can be utilized as I have the flu and I want to lay on the couch and die movies. Sick of work movies (to include favorite adult beverage). Even, I need cave time movies like my husband is breathing and it is totally jumping on the last nerve God created just for him movies.
  1. Pride and Prejudice.
    Everyone has their opinion but I like the Mr. Darcy walking through a misty field movie. Oh and the fact that the writers used the word incandescently. I try to fit it into sentences but it is so hard to do.
  2. Pretty Women
    Hooker makes good. Inspiring.
  3. Arthur
    Yes... The new one. Helen Mirren as Hobson. Done and done!
  4. Zero Dark 30
    Here is where it gets twisted. For some weird reason I love this movie. A woman finds Bin Laden. Oh the irony!
  5. Blue Crush
    Hawaii, surfing, awesome bikini body, nobody is eaten by a shark and girl power. There is a teenager living in my 50 year old brain.
  6. Any of the Bourne movies
    I wish I could be Jason Bourne all the time.
  7. Guardians of The Galaxy
    Soundtrack is awesome and singing along while you are tripping on NyQuil just makes it better.
  8. Tristan and Isolde
    Don't judge. This is my sick movie list.
  9. John Wick
    It has guns and shooting. It can be very cathartic when you know your significant other is breathing.
  10. Twilight.
    No comment.
  11. Battleship
    It is so bad but I just like it. No reason. It has aliens.
  12. Easy A
    Pocket full of sunshine.
  13. Deadpool
    New favorite superhero movie. A superhero movie made for grownups.
  14. Almost Famous
    Miss Pennylane. Seats and tray tables in the upright position.
  15. Across The Universe
    The Beatles. Mic drop...
  16. P.S. I Love You.
    Oh, a good cry works wonders.