So many ideas!
  1. My favorite antique roses.
    Successfully or even unsuccessfully grown
  2. My favorite Silkstone Barbies
    Old school with a twist
  3. My favorite OOAK Barbie outfits chosen for the naked Silkstone Barbies I buy to redress.
    It is weird but did you know some people in this world actually make a living doing this?
  4. Yard work from most hated to least.
    Everyone has their thing.
  5. Household chores from most dreaded to comforting.
    Teaser: Warm towels from the dryer.
  6. Favorite words I can seldom use in conversation.
  7. Things I love about my kids.
    Not to brag but my kids are awesome! Spoiler for moms with young ones: mine are all over 21. It does get better.
  8. Stupid but funny things I've done in the last 50 years.
    Only funny ones!
  9. Things I would like to learn.
  10. Places I would like to visit if money were not an option.
    I would need a passport so I am unprepared but everyone has a bucket list.
  11. People I would like to have a conversation with.