1. I tried 2 Donuts for Asthma but it didn't work. I will try 3 and get back to you.
  2. Fear of screwing up at work. That is where you get the donuts. 1 donut cures this malady.
  3. Feed an uncommon cold a donut. Give the fever a donut too. I am sure 2 donuts a day keep the doctor in practice
  4. A donut can cure a crying woman and prevents her from throwing things at your head.
  5. Give a dog a bone and they will bury it. Give a dog a donut and the dog might barf in your lap. In this case, clean off the barf wait 30 minutes and eat the other donut you were saving for the dog.
  6. Reference above: you have the dog as a companion pet because you are lonely and both the dog and donut help.
  7. Reference above: Donuts do not cure loneliness the dog helps.
  8. I would like donuts to cure cancer because how awesome would it be to just eat warm donuts as a cure.
  9. Donuts feel squishy between your toes and reminds of being at the beach. Donuts allow you to relax thus curing tension.