Why I Love Barbies part 1. My husband said I should add "sub section a"

I know, I know... Barbies do not reflect the the true shape of women and are poor role model for a young girl's body image. I can't help it. I grew up with Barbie and I just loved her clothes. To me Barbie was lovely.
  1. I collect Silkstone Barbies. They are a harder plastic throwback Barbie and the clothes are of course, gorgeous.
    Dior anyone?
  2. I really love Barbies in suits. Maybe because I feel like I could really wear the suit. I would rock this one at work.
    I would love just showing up to a meeting wearing this. Who wouldn't want a fur lapeled jacket?
  3. I am a very busy and important. I need a total power suit!
    I am not important but I would feel like it in my power suit!
  4. This just works. The fantastic thing is that this particular Barbie actually has "foundation garments". Fantastic!
    Mad Men. Mic drop....
  5. My favorite Silkstone Barbie. I would wear this for my shopping excursion to the fashion houses in France.
    I just want to wear the fascinator.
  6. Muffy Roberts aka: Barbara Millicent Roberts. The brain child of Ruth Handler as a result of watching her daughter pretend to do activities like her mom.
    Yes, I will put on my afternoon suit to play bridge at the club.
  7. I love my jeans, sweatpants, tshirts and tennis shoes but I would just love to have a reason to just wear an afternoon suit.
    Maybe for my dream cruise?
  8. Not a Silkstone Barbie but I love this suit. I really love the hat with the veil. Springtime in Tokyo. This would be my travel suit.
    I will wear this when I visit my son in DC during the Cherry Blossom festival.
  9. Again not a Silkie but this is the suit I would wear when I am traveling on the train.
    Where am I going? Who knows but I will look fabulous traveling on a train to somewhere.