The yard work I loathe to those that are zen like.
  1. Gardening in South Texas? Why did I move here? I didn't know I was moving to the Middle East!
  2. Makes me angry: Cleaning up stray cat poo.
    They are not my damn cats. No animal control in my sub-division. I don't hate little animals, I just have enough poo to clean up after the registered animals I do own.
  3. Mowing
    Mowing! God, I hate mowing. Next house fake grass for sure.
  4. Weed wacking.
    You mean I have to edge without weeding? Torture! Impossible!
  5. Cleaning up Dog poo.
    You would think that would be the worst but I am a Mom so the only thing that truly grosses me out are Ortho procedures on T.V.
  6. Cutting back plant life.
    I know it must be done but a little part of me dies when I have to do this to a healthy bushes, trees, and roses.
  7. Moving hard scaping.
    Huge rocks are heavy as hell and God only knows what is lurking under them.
  8. The great battle of the nuclear fire ants.
    I get a serious satisfaction from killing these in a multitude of ways.
  9. Cleaning up yard clippings. Roses are the worst!
    I try to use empty boxes for the rose clippings. I think the trash guys appreciate my consideration but my garage looks like I could be on Hoarders. With all the stray cats, the camera crew may show up any minute!
  10. Laying down mulch. It looks clean in the end but those bags are heavy!
    Mulch is expensive too. You can pay a lot for wood no body else wants!
  11. Cleaning up flower beds is satisfying unless you let it go so long you have to use a shovel.
  12. Digging new flower beds! Hard work but new plants in the end!
    Except having to amend soil into what amounts to limestone clay.
  13. Watering in South Texas. Stage 1-4 water restrictions. It is a pain to remember water days!
    Mine is on a Monday. A Monday! These people have no soul! I have to get up and water between 5a-8a. Then water 8p-10p. What? I have to get up at 5 then stay up till 10 on a Monday night? I work! No, I can't afford a sprinkler system. Sadists!
  14. Watering with soaker hose. Great a leak...
    A leak! How did that get there? Now I have to lay down more soaker hose.
  15. Watering with a soaker hose. Cheating stage 1-4 water restrictions. I can be a rebel!
  16. Watering with sprinklers. Reminds me of being a kid. I just need the melty popcycle.
    Playing chicken with a sprinkler is weirdly satisfying.
  17. The zen like experience of weeding. Music playing. Birds singing. A general sense of calm and well being during and after performing this task.
    The weeding high can last for at least 3 hours.
  18. Dead heading. Weeding upright. Reference above.